Products  : Compestos


Asbestos laminated sheets are moulded from asbestos cloth with thermosetting resins and are specially developed for engineering applications. The high content of asbestos, superior grade of binder and special press-curing techniques impart high degree of mechanical strength. These materials are hard wearing, heat resistant and unaffected by a wide range of chemicals and solvents.

Special Characteristics


Compestos  materials do not require specials lubricants. They are compatible with water emulsions, many chemicals and normal lubricating oils, grease, compounds, molybdenum di-sulphide paste etc.

Compestos materials are characterised by the following outstanding properties

  • Excellent dimensional stability

  • Good wear and chemical resistance

  • Low moisture absorption

  • Very high strength to weight ratio

  • High temperature resistance

  • High impact resistance

  • Excellent irradiation characteristics

  • Impervious to effects of moisture of marine exposure

  • Resistant to vermin attack.

These outstanding properties make compestos superior to conventional materials for application involving bearings, wearing pads, gears and other rotating or reciprocating parts.