Automotive Brake Linings
Automotive Roll Linings
Automotive Clutch Facings and Ceramic Buttons
Automotive Disc Brake Pads
Railway Brake Blocks
Friction Sheets
Industrial Roll Linings
Millboard Sheets
Millboard Discs

Hindustan Composites Limited has pioneered the development, manufacture & marketing of Friction Materials in India comprising of Brake Lining, Clutch Facing, Disc Brake Pad, Roll Lining, Brake Block etc., setting high standards in Quality and Technology through collaborations and in-house research & development since last 50 years.

Composites with its wide range of products suitable for a number of general and specialized applications, has been catering to the diversified needs of core sector industries, such as Automotive, Railways, Engineering, Mining, Aerospace, Steel, Chemical, Oil Exploration etc.
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